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Alessio Petito

Roman, born 1979, Abogado and FIS Sommelier

Founder of

I played Rugby for 25 years, but I quickly realized that the best of me was able to give it in the third half; after living for years between San Sebastian and London I returned to Rome in 2012 and opened ApeWine Distribuzione, of which this shop represents the online shop.
My goal has always been to discover talented artisanal wine producers around the world and amaze my client in proposing them. Mission Successful!!!

Hobbies? Surfing, Vineyard Visits and Wild Loafing on the couch at home.

Artisanal, natural and biodynamic wine. The top buying guide

Artisanal wine, the top buying guide by Alessio Petito The definitive guide to artisanal wine. Natural wine, biodynamic wine and organic wine, good for your health and the environment!!! Do you want to know what artisanal wine is and how natural wine, biodynamic wine and organic wine differ? You are in the right place but

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Wine Boxes, the 4 reasons why they will change your life

Wine Boxes, the 4 reasons why they will change your life by Alessio Petito Wine Boxes, the answer to all your needs Are you nostalgic for your wine trips? These days it's really hard to get on a plane and reach the wine destination of your dreams, but what if I told you that there is a site that can help you find the wine box of your dreams?

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Natural wine, the five reasons to buy it

Natural Wine, how many times have you heard of it, but what is it? Did you know that three out of four wine lovers are turning decisively towards Natural Wine? In this article I will dispel doubts and clichés, and tell you about the 5 reasons why Natural Wine is not only the best for

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Biodynamic wine, the ultimate guide

by Alessio Petito Biodynamic Wine, what is it and what is meant by Biodynamic Farming I know, in recent years you have heard a lot of talk about natural wine and biodynamic wine, but you have only found confusing articles that have messed things up even more. Don't worry, in this article I will tell you about Biodynamic Wine in

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Watered-down wine, the proposal that makes water all over the place!

The European Union's latest brilliant proposal? The one that considers the possibility of forcing producers to water down their wine! Truly incredible, if you want to kill a sector that has come out with broken bones from the last year of Covid, the wine sector, the proposal to water it down is the right one. From Brussels comes the ingenious

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Artisan wine and related

What is artisanal wine, and therefore what is meant by organic wine, natural wine and biodynamic wine? You have to imagine artisanal wine as a whole that encompasses three subsets representing three different ways of approaching the vineyard and winemaking, respecting the environment, the operators and the end customer. The quantity

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The Wine Club that didn't know it was a wine club

Wine Clubs, a growing phenomenon from the US. What they are and how to subscribe Have you ever heard of Wine Clubs? If you are a wine lover you probably have. It's the fashion of the moment, but what exactly are they? They are a new way of understanding the tasting experience and approach to the

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Food and Wine Pairing, all in a few lines!

Food and wine pairing, quickly and without dogma Has food and wine pairing always been a worry of yours? Do you want to organise an important dinner to impress someone? You are on Ape Magazine and therefore in the right place, but first I must make a confession. In this field, as in life in general, dogma does not exist. One must always

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The Grape Harvest

The grape harvest, definitely the most eagerly awaited moment for winegrowers and enthusiasts The grape harvest is the most exciting time of the year for winegrowers, the period during which they harvest the fruits of their labour throughout the year, we can define it as a real ritual.

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