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Baratuciat is an Italian white grape variety cultivated in Piedmont. Its name derives from the Piedmontese dialect term 'baratuciat', meaning 'cat's testicles'. This is thought to be a reference to the shape of the grape. It is very old and was once widely used, but was almost lost in the 20th century, only to be rediscovered in the 1980s and come back into the limelight in recent years. For most of its history, this variety was mainly used as a table grape, with limited use for the production of sweet late harvest wine. Baratuciat has medium ripening times and can be very vigorous and prone to producing a large canopy with high yields if not kept under control by winter pruning, green harvesting and management techniques during the growing season. The berries are large and round with thick skins. Baratuciat wines are typically dry and very fresh with a slightly bitter aftertaste. They can be made in various styles, but in most cases it is found as a light-bodied, slender white wine. Thanks to its acidity, it is also a perfect base for sparkling wine making. On the nose, it displays mineral and white flower scents, with distinct hints of Pineapple and Green Apple. It is rare and truly unobtainable outside Piedmont. However, we consider it a growing trend in the wine world and it is becoming increasingly popular. Recommended pairings, seafood and light dishes.

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