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Farra d'Isonzo (Gorizia) Bressan is one of those companies of which we are truly proud, radical, purist, uncompromising... great! The Bressan family carries on a tradition wisely handed down from master vintner to master vintner and categorically rejects any kind of modernity or technology, because it flattens the wine. The company is spread over several territories and has a total of 20 hectares of vineyards.

These are the dogmas in Bressan's house:

Massive manual selection of the vines and preferential use of autochthonous vines (no cloning and all O.G.M.)

Pruning, suckering performed only manually.

Personal cultivation of the vineyard without the use of synthetic chemicals, respecting the vine and its natural cycles (total exclusion of herbicides and / or desiccants and / or pesticides)

Exclusive use of natural fertilizers, i.e. manure or vegetable fertilizers, or no fertilizer at all.

Irrigation is forbidden, even emergency irrigation, because water has always diluted the aromatic qualities and intensity of the wine.

Harvesting done only manually from perfectly healthy and ripe grapes (no early harvesting).

Fermentation obtained thanks to the indigenous yeasts naturally present on the grapes, absolutely excluding the use of synthetic industrial yeasts.

No addition of sulfur dioxide or other additives to the musts / no chemical interventions (sulfur dioxide may be added only in minimal quantities at the time of bottling and in any case in quantities less than or equal to organic certification).

The use of biological and/or chemical flavourings is prohibited.

Maturation of the wine on its "fine lees" until bottling.

No filtration (a practice which, in any case and always, impoverishes and sterilizes the wine)

Exclusive use of natural one-piece corks, so that each wine has its best ally over time.

Strictly manual labelling (...each bottle is a unique creature...).

From the Roscioli channel, the words of Fulvio Bressan

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