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Washingtonville (NY) John Jaques, a shoemaker by trade, began growing native grapes in the backyard of his shop in Washingtonville, New York as early as 1824. By 1835, he had established a large vineyard, selling his grapes in the New York City market. When prices fell, Jaques turned to wine production instead, releasing his first commercial vintage in 1839, under the label 'Blooming Grove Winery'. As an elder in his Presbyterian church in Washingtonville, Jaques initially made wine for sacramental use, but from the first vintage the wine quickly developed a reputation for purity, 'free from alcoholic adulteration'. These qualities brought Jaques' wines into great prominence. In 1858, Jaques passed the operation on to his three sons, John Jr., Oren and Charles. Renamed first 'John Jaques Jr. & Brothers' and then 'Jaques Brothers Winery', the three brothers expanded the vineyards and increased production to 15 different styles of wine, holding some 35,000 gallons of wine, port and brandy. -scavenged underground cellars. The Jaques Brothers Winery continued to prosper until ill health forced Charles Jaques, the last surviving Jaques brother, to sell the entire winery and vineyards to New York wine merchants J. M. Emerson & Son in 1886. The disastrous fire of 1999, which damaged several historic buildings, slowed Brotherhood's expansion for several years. In 2005, a new partnership was formed between Cesar Baeza and the families of Luis Chadwick and Pablo Castro, who have deep roots in the famous Maule Valley wine region of Chile. The new board of directors, led by President Luis Chadwick, and a new management team immediately initiated a massive restoration and renovation programme at Brotherhood Winery. The partnership has also reinvigorated interest in quality wine production, keeping the winery at the forefront of the New York wine industry.

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