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Cascina Ebreo

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Novello (CN) Cascina Ebreo is the dream of making wines in Piedmont the way Pete wants them: crumbling, sincere, spontaneous, anarchic, crazy. As all great wines should be.
The story began in 1993 when two Swiss men, Peter Weimer - known as Pete - and Romy Gygax, decided to leave their jobs (she worked in marketing, he in software business) to move to the Langhe and devote themselves to their great passion, wine. First drinkers and buyers as well as friends of the great producers of the Langhe, then pioneers of a certain type of agriculture and winemaking, in 1997 they presented their first Barolo to the tasting committee but it was judged to be unreliable because it was cloudy (they never filtered their wines).
Romy and Pete don't flinch and go right on their way. That's the wine they want to make. They downgraded it and the "Torbido!" was born, the first and only case of rebellion against tasting commissions that were at the very least questionable in a denomination as weighty as Barolo. Faithful to Pete's teachings and always under his careful supervision, today it is the young talent Gian Luca Colombo who oversees the production of Cascina Ebreo's new course.

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