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Immaculate Pedace

Cava di Melis, Sila National Park, Calabria On the enchanting Sila plateau, in the heart of the Sila National Park, nestled in the territory of Longobucco the ancient Temesa, 'city of silver and looms' and close to the city of Acri the ancient Pandosia capital of the Enotri people, protected by Mount Altare and looking over Lake Cecita, surrounded by an evergreen mantle of majestic larch pines, where the air is the purest in Europe, there is a land and a small hamlet, a group of houses formerly wooden huts once inhabited by the 'pitch growers' and 'mannisi' woodcutters 'cultivators of the wood', Cava di Melis, the gateway to the 'Gallopane' and 'Cupone' State Biogenetic Nature Reserve. One of the most interesting ecosystems from an ecological and naturalistic point of view, a unique and uncontaminated place, and it is here that the Eroica Viticulture of the highest vineyard in Europe was born. 

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