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Elisa Fiore Gubellini


Sommelier AIS Turin

Social Wine informer and creator of "Wine Angels", a team of 5 Sommelier girls who tell their greatest passion, wine, communicating it with simplicity on social networks (over 75 thousand followers on their Instagram page).

Specialisation: Luxury Wines, Burgundy

Zalto, to stay at least one step ahead in the game

by Elisa Fiore Gubellini Zalto, Luxury Glass Being extremely fond of Zalto glasses, I do a lot of business traveling with them and I always worry about damaging them. I use them in the various wine events I attend and during private customer tastings (often one-to-one) I always serve the wines in the Zalto glass just because

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Chateau d'Yquem

It is not only a Sauternes, it is Chateau d'Yquem the most famous "sweet" wine in the world. Vintage 1988 because for me "Il faut l'attendre"... And then, what's the hurry? Yquem wines have a very long life, certainly longer than the average human being, so why risk it? Like us, it grows, it transforms. In fact, it magically changes

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