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Piglio (Italy) Marco is a multi-faceted man, truly surprising. Of Calabrian origin but Roman by adoption, he is a winemaker you would not expect. For many reasons.
We met him in the centre of Rome and while we were tasting his incredible Cesanesi, here was a Senator of the Republic recognizing him and starting to talk to him. With infinite modesty Marco had certainly not mentioned to us that he was an important researcher at the University of Pisa specialising in infectious diseases.
His life unfolds between the laboratories of the University and his beloved vineyards, cultivated strictly organically. There are just under 3 hectares under vine, with a slightly above-average planting density, in keeping with the winery's philosophy. Once again a feeling of denial of the commonplace emerges.He uses Spanish and Tuscan amphorae.
Cesanesi del Piglio not opulent, ultra-drinking and delicious. Natural.
Cantina Falcone does not use any chemical agents in the vineyard, not even when not doing so would entail serious production risks. It does not use shortcuts in the winery. The company's wines are characterized by a total sulfur content of about 10 mg/litre.

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