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Fritz Salomon

Wagram, Oberstockstall, Austria The Salomon family have been the owners of Gut Oberstockstall since 1869 and together with Josef Jamek were the first to plant grape varieties from Burgundy in Austria. The entire Wagram area, located north-east of Vienna, is characterised by Loess, a sandy terrain dating back to the Ice Age when African winds brought a lot of sand to the area. The winery is now run by Fritz and Brigit, and covers a total of 100 hectares, including wooded areas and others used for animal husbandry, 14 of which are planted with vines. Since 2005, the estate has been following the dictates of biodynamics. "I am convinced that only conscious and respectful farming can fully represent the expressive power of the vineyard and thus have authentic wines. Furthermore, I know that if the land is cultivated carefully and sustainably throughout the year, it will not be necessary to intervene during vinification. This holistic approach of mine allows for a great balance of the land and results in products that are natural and extremely true to their terroir." Fritz

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