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Inzolia, an extraordinary white grape variety also known as Ansonica, is a jewel for the wine industry in Southern Italy, especially in Sicily and Tuscany. It is one of Italy's oldest grape varieties, also known as Irsolia and described in the Naturalis Historia by Pliny the Elder. With its great versatility, it produces aromatic and full-bodied wines with exceptional qualities and a distinctly mineral vein. The wine it produces is full of delicious citrus and tropical fruit notes, white flowers and brackish hints. Inzolia is mainly used to produce still wines, but also sparkling and blended with other varieties such as Viognier and Chardonnay to produce delicate but explosive flavours. This variety also plays an important role in the production of fortified wines, in particular the famous Marsala. In fact, Inzolia's high acidity maintains its freshness even in hot climates, making it one of Italy's most popular grape varieties, often described as the 'Sicilian Chardonnay'. It is indeed very resistant to drought climates due to its low foliation and therefore requires less water. Perfect in combination with fish

Inzolia, Ansonica
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