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Italy: Reflections

Italy is a magical country, unparalleled in style and creativity. In terms of wines, it has the richest variety in the world, between multitude of grapes, characteristic soils and unmistakable style. The Greeks knew Italy as Enotria, i.e. the land of wine, and this is because there are vineyards practically everywhere in the Bel Paese, demonstrating the area's great wine vocation.
From a geographical point of view, Italy must necessarily produce wine in abundance if it is true that hills, sun and mild climate requirements. Thanks to its unique morphological structure and long mountain ridge, which stretches from the Alps almost all the way to North Africa, any optimal combination of altitude, latitude and exposure is possible; which moreover represents a lifeline also against climate changethat Italy will suffer less than other countries.
Its soil is predominantly volcanic with many clay, limestone and gravelly undertones, and has everything needed to produce unforgettable and distinctive wines.
It is a land of incredible tradition when it comes to red wines, whose epicentres of production are undoubtedly the Tuscany and the Langhewhich export around the world some of the most sought-after labels around.
Over time, however, it has become a country that has learnt to make modern, fresh and clean white wine, yet still full-bodied and elegant, especially in the South.
The numbers tell us that it has about 800,000 hectares under vinethird behind Spain and France, which are much larger; it boasts the world's largest production with over 50 million hectolitres in 2022 which represents approximately 20% of the global one.
The wineries are well 255,000 worth a total export turnover of approx. EUR 8 billionvery high but still a long way from the French one.
Of these the 80% are artisan cellarswho are rediscovering a natural and sustainable viticulture approachas free as possible from chemicals and adulteration during the production chain. On the other hand, as mentioned, the climate helps Italy and is allowing it to rid itself, especially in the vineyard, of invasive and industrial practices, to the benefit of its territoriality and especially taste.
The movement is constantly growing and evolving, and we would like to bet that it will emerge from this decade further strengthened

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