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Jacques Selosse

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Avize, Champagne Jacques Selosse is a cult producer in Champagne, the Top of the Top, a name that gets bigger and bigger year after year thanks to its unparalleled style and attention (the real one) to the environment, which is then reflected in the end customer. The company consists of just 7 hectares, naturally and biodynamically farmed, but included in some of the best Grand Crus in all of Champagne between Avize, Cramant, Oger, Ay and Ambonnay, elective homelands, the latter two, of Pinot Noir. Jacques and his son Anselme began making their own wine from the family's grapes in 1974, once given to the few large Maisons throughout the region, and began to develop a style that soon became a model for many vignerons. In 1980, Anselme, and his wife Corinne, succeeded their father by imparting a further change of gear in terms of quality, making the most of every single parcel. In the vineyard, any form of chemistry is repudiated, while in the cellar, fermentation, both alcoholic and malolactic, takes place spontaneously with only indigenous yeasts and the liqueur d'expedition is practically made from grape must. The Champagnes of Selosse are unique and unattainable, with a boundless personality and able to enchant

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