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Jean Christophe Garnier

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Saint-Lambert-du-Lattay, Anjou The story of Jean Cristophe Garnier is one to be told. And it is not too different from that of many of his colleagues who become winemakers by following a dream. Of Breton origin, Jean Cristophe worked for a decade as a sommelier in some of the best French restaurants and over the years developed an ever-deepening love for natural wine. He thus decided to study oenology and gain experience as an intern at a number of French companies, including that of MarK Angeli, his mentor. He then settled in Anjou where he bought two hectares of Chenin, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc and an old wine press. His wines are undisguised, clean, with a slight oxidative note and exude passion beyond the glass containing them, the same passion that has made them famous throughout France. In the vineyard, Jean Cristophe has a non-interventionist philosophy. In the cellar, he uses autochthonous yeasts that stimulate spontaneous alcoholic fermentation. He uses no additives, does not filter or clarify.

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