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JNK Mervic

Most of JNK's vineyards are situated on low hills around Šempas (Vipavska Dolina). Their position has a high gradient (even up to 45%) traversed by terraces of vines and oriented south-southeast with a special microclimate. In this area, cold wind currents collide coming from the north and the mild ones from the Adriatic Sea. One of the smallest vineyards (of approximately 1400 vineyards) is located below the village Šmihel, where there is also a small church. Both the village and the church are dedicated to St Michael, after whom they are named. The terrain of this vineyard has a slope of 30%, is facing south at an altitude of 350 metres above sea level. The wine made from the grapes of this vineyard bears the name Sv. Mihael. Care and love for the vineyards result in high quality grapes. The wines are aged in barrels made of oak barrels.

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