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Medana (Slovenia) Medana is located in the center of the Slovenian Collio in a privileged position: almost 3000 hours of sunshine a year, less than 30 km from the sea, and the Julian Alps just to the north. The soil is predominantly Ponca, a friable soil that gives the wines an unmistakable minerality and that rests on layers of marl and sandstone formed from the Mesozoic era.
The winemaking traditions of the Klinec family date back to the end of the Great War, now the company is run by Aleks and Simona Klinec. They carry on the activity with absolute respect for the territory, in the vineyard, herbal extracts, acid clay, silicates and limited amounts of copper and sulfur are used.
Biodiversity is encouraged in all vineyards. In the winery, the grapes are destemmed and left to ferment in barrels, with macerations from 5 to 30 days. After maceration, the grapes are pressed and left to decant, so that the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation is completed directly in acacia, cherry, oak or mulberry barrels, where the wine is generally left for at least two or three years.
Afterwards, the wine is transferred into steel barrels where it is left to decant: the addition of minimal quantities of sulphur dioxide takes place during this phase, to favour its integration with the wine, which is bottled after several months of rest without filtration or the addition of anything else.

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