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Neusiedel Am See, Burgenland Alex Koppitsch is the third generation of winemakers in the family and in 2011 decided, together with his wife Maria, to take over the reins of the winery and its 6 hectares of vineyards in Neusiedel Am See, Burgenland, in an enchanted valley just below the Leitha Mountains, between the Alps and the Carpathians. The couple are fervent supporters of biodynamic practices of Sterinerian memory. On the Koppitsch estate, chemistry is absolutely banned, except for homeopathic doses of pre-bottling sulphur dioxide. Everything here is manual, and done with passion. The grapes grown are the red berries typical of the area such as Sankt Laurent and Zweigelt and the international Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc. The vines are planted on sandy schist soils and depending on the conformation of the soil from which the grapes used for the wines come, Alex identifies 4 types: FUN WINES - great drinking, inspired by the composition of the soil (sandy, clayey, gravelly) PERSPEKTIVE - more complex wines, more suitable for ageing, inspired by the type of rock (schist or limestone) TOUCH - great richness, which tells us about the relationship between soil and wine taste AEON - the most complex, highest line, which speaks to us of the relationship between man and land PRETTY [nʌts] - the character of the terroir from which the wines are born, and its vibrations

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