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Lagarino White

The Lagarino Bianco grape is a typical variety of the Trento area and in particular of the Lagarina Valley. The areas where this grape variety has spread most are the Val di Cembra and Valsugana. Its origins are much debated, for some scholars it is a white mutation of Lagrein, for others a spontaneous cross between Terlaner and Maor. The latter thesis is supported by partial genetic analyses, which unfortunately, however, have not proved to be fully conclusive. In any case, Lagrein Bianco has been mentioned since as early as the 14th century, even under the dialectal synonyms of Chegarèl and Sghittarella, for its incredible ability to resist frost and fungus. It has a very thick skin, sprouts early and is averagely generous.
It adapts very well to stony, calcareous soils and is reminiscent in some ways of Savagnin in terms of aromaticity; compared to the famous Jura grape, however, it is more spicy and citrusy. Lagarino Bianco is also endowed with great acidity, which allows it to be used as a base for sparkling wine or as a blend for less exuberant grapes. In Val di Cembra an excellent Grappa is made from its marc.

Lagarino White
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