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Moldova: Reflections

There was a time when Moldovan wine was the most valuable from the Tsar's cellar in the Kremlin. Moldova is located on the eastern border of Romania, and is the most populated country among those belonging to the former Soviet Union, with almost 4% of the entire screw territory. Even a quarter of the population is in some way connected with wine. As with the other states in the area, however, the area under vines has declined in size, following the campaign against alcohol promoted in the 1980s by Gorbachev, from 240000 hectares of vineyards at around 160000which in any case is a considerable value. And just as in other countries in that European area, it has subsequently obtained substantial European funding, which has enabled it to renew its techniques and tools. And above all the quality of the offer.
The conditions to produce a great wine are all there, Moldova is located at the same latitude as Burgundy, has a favourable topography and a climate mitigated by influences from the Black Sea.
Most of the plots are located in the central-southern part, around the capital city of Chisinau, and are at Stefan Voda which produces the best red wine in the country, the Negru de Purkarbased Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi and Rara Negra.
Historically, Moldova is very much linked to the French wine tradition and in fact Aligotè is by far the most present grape variety, followed by Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinor Gris and the Georgian grape Rktsiteli. In recent years, local grapes such as Fetasca Alba and Feteasca Neagrawhich result in fresh, frothy wines.
Production is about 2.5 million hectolitres annually with an export value of no less than EUR 140 million.

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