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Segalari mills

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Castagneto Carducci (Bolgheri) ICEA-certified organic and DEMETER biodynamic farm, consisting of 4 hectares of which just under 3 are planted with vines The winery has existed since 2002 as a result of the union of several estates and was created with the recovery of fields that had not been cultivated for some time. These are adjacent to a stream, the Fossa di Bolgheri, which borders the farm on one side. The place is characterised by three ancient mills, which were originally the estates of the Castello di Segalari. The oldest mill, the Buselli Mill, present in the Land Register Lorraine since 1650, is located right on the stream and has recently been restored and used as a wine cellar. wine cellar. Another mill, higher up, has been restored and used as a rural dwelling. The mills operated with water that was intercepted by the ditch and collected in the ancient gora, a kind of basin upstream of the two buildings. On the other side of the farm there is the ruin of another ancient mill. The plants are grown without chemical fertilisation or the use of systemic products, privileging the fertilisation of the land with the practice of green manure and symbiosis with mycorrhizae so as to allow them to find the resources to vegetate on their own, for wines that are an authentic expression of the territory. Fermentation takes place only with the grape's indigenous yeasts. The wine matures in cement, terracotta and 10 and 23 hectolitre oak barrels. The low yield per hectare (50 quintals), the selection of the grapes and the naturalness of the vinification without the addition of chemical additives, express and enhance the uniqueness of the Bolgheri terroir in the wine. The varieties produced are Cabernet Sauvignon (44%), Merlot (29%), Sangiovese (13%), Petit Verdot (11%), Syrah (3%). The white grape varieties are Vermentino (93%) and Manzoni Bianco (7%).

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