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Paderna (AL) A beautiful story, not devoid of vicissitudes that leads the company, in 2010, to officially open its doors, the result of passion and love. First a hectare and a half of vineyard, with 5000 bottles of production, then the annexation of 3 more hectares, and the conversion to organic, a certification that does not change one iota the approach, always very respectful of the environment and the territory.
In 2015 a further two hectares of Timorasso arrived.
The winery is crazy as it can count on vineyards up to 100 years old, tempered by the long flow of years, and on younger and more exuberant ones.
The complexity deriving from the old vines and above all from the many varieties present in them is not channelled towards simpler expressions and the macerations of the red grapes are very long, without however making the wines lose their spontaneity. The aging is always on the lees, to improve the complexity and stability of the wines in a natural way.

The acidity naturally present in the main varieties we work with is not masked, malolactic fermentations in the whites are not blocked but neither are they encouraged and they almost never occur. Minerality and freshness are jealously preserved by working only with whole, unstemmed white grapes. We like the imprint that the cement tanks give to our wines. The fermentations are almost always spontaneous and the only addition is that of sulphur dioxide, in such quantities as to never exceed 55 mg/l of total sulphur dioxide in the reds and 65 mg/l in the whites. The goal is to create wines that are correct, well-made, and as natural as possible, and personally we think we have hit the mark, but we are also sure that the story doesn't end there...
Biodynamic and artisanal wine, the way we like it

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