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Podere Anima Mundi

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Lari, Tuscany Marta Sierota grew up between Poland and France, and among the fondest memories of her childhood she admits is the time when she ran around as a child among her grandfather's vogues. It must have been love at first sight because today Marta is a talented producer. In France she graduated in philosophy and also taught it, but in 2008 she moved with her family to Tuscany, where she bought a 17-hectare estate, 6 of which are vineyards. Marta's production idea is absolutely natural, as she considers wine to be the result of the interaction between man and nature. In the vineyard she applies the principles of biodynamics, an approach that reflects her way of being and relating to the world. She sees the soil as the origin of everything. In the cellar, human intervention is reduced to the bone, the grapes are pressed with the feet or with a hand press, fermentation is always spontaneous in cement, without temperature control. The wines of Podere Anima Mundi are neither clarified nor filtered, and only a very small amount of sulphur dioxide is added to the whites, the content of which in any case never exceeds 25 mg/l. The estate's wines are all from single grape varieties, to best reflect the terroir of the Pisan Hills. Elegant and delicate, because Marta doesn't like extremes or faults that are too marked: she doesn't love brett!

Podere Anima Mundi
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