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Alberto Voerzio Langhe Nebbiolo 2019



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Manufacturer: Alberto Voerzio

🍾 Langhe Nebbiolo

🖼️ La Morra, Langhe, Italy

🏡 Alberto Voerzio

📅 2019

🍇 Nebbiolo

🌡️ 14.5%

🍷 Red Wine

🛁 The grapes are harvested manually, macerate for a few days with spontaneous fermentation using indigenous yeasts, then mature for 12 months in wood

👃🏻 Wilted red flowers and ripe red fruit, slightly spicy with mineral and balsamic overtones

👅 Powerful but full of grace, velvety and balanced in structure, long finish

👍🏻 Serving temperature 18°-20°.

💕 Wild boar ragout

😍 Large body

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Apewineboxes is an online wine shop with over 4000 bottles of artisanal wine, natural wine or biodynamic wine.
We take you to the world's best wine regions, without the need to fly, via our wine boxes, also on subscription.

La Morra, Langhe

The estate of Alberto Voerzio, a young winemaker from La Morra, has 4 ha, of which 1.16 ha in the 'La Serra' cru,
while the remaining vineyards are located in the commune of La Morra, all between 10 and 40 years old.

Alberto personally conducts the vineyard with great care and dedication, always paying close attention to every phase and every manifestation of the vine, preserving the taste of tradition and respect for the

The ripening process takes place through planned and targeted thinnings to obtain
produced to high quality standards. The fermentation of the wines is spontaneous without the addition of yeasts, enzymes
or activating agents; subsequent process steps are conducted through storage and racking. The wines are not filtered,
but cleaned by natural sedimentation.

For the longer or shorter ageing process, we rely solely on barriques, appropriately proportioning the type, vintage and toast of the wood. During fermentation, 2 manual pump-overs are carried out in the morning and evening and temperatures are controlled. At the end of alcoholic fermentation, 2 racking operations are carried out to clean the wine and the cellar is heated to facilitate the start of malolactic fermentation (also spontaneous).

Once this last fermentation is complete, another 3 decantings are made to remove any residual bottoms, and the ageing phase begins. The Barolo is aged for 24 months in 25% new barriques and 75% used barriques, while the Langhe Nebbiolo is aged for 12 months in used barriques and then the wine is left to settle spontaneously at around 4°C for about 15 days, after which it is racked twice more.

Towards the end of August, beginning of September, the wine is bottled; all wines are not filtered. Pruning
is done manually, leaving 2 buds on the spur and 5-6 buds on the fruiting head.

The summer management of the vineyards is done entirely by hand. During this period, two manual thinnings are carried out, allowing a production of approximately 500-700 grams per plant for the Barolo and 800-1000 grams for the Langhe Nebbiolo.

Fertilisation, post-harvest before vegetative rest, is done exclusively with natural products (manure).

No herbicides are used in vineyard management and weeds are cut back. Harvesting generally starts in the last ten days of September and is also done manually.

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