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Azienda Agricola Elisabetta #Bianco



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Wine Box four white wine plus two nice intruders.

Vermentino 2017

This (practically) indigenous Tuscan grape draws its richness from the warm and sunny climate of the area and allows to obtain long-lived and pleasantly scented wines.
The Vermentino vineyards are those closest to the sea. When the grapes begin to have an almost brown colour, the ripening controls begin, in order to guarantee their completeness. Harvesting is done by hand, then a soft pressing is carried out, without destemming. The must, after a brief period of decanting, ferments at a controlled temperature.
Bottling takes place at the beginning of the year. The nose has sweet scents reminiscent of honey while the palate denotes good acidity and a pleasant structure.

Le Marze White 2017, Chardonnay, Viognier, Greco

The wine grapes begin to ripen in the second half of August and are deliberately taken beyond their physiological maturity in order to obtain greater complexity. The grapes are harvested by hand using boxes at the beginning of September. The grapes are then destemmed and gently pressed. At the end of fermentation the wine is left on its own yeasts which are periodically mixed in order to extract from the wine greater organoleptic complexity. Bottling takes place towards the end of March and the wine then matures in the bottle until May. On the nose, memories of fresh apples and acacia honey. A pleasantly round taste that gives the wine a certain significance.

Riesling 2017

The Riesling grapes were planted in the northernmost area of the estate, where the good daily temperature range favours ideal aromatic integrity. The nose has hints of dried apple pleasantly blended with notes of aromatic herbs and is consistent in the mouth with a good freshness and a minerality that gives elegance to the wine.

Aulo Bianco 2017, Riesling, Clairette and Chardonnay

Pleasant and delicate wine that reflects the scents of summer flowers in the area.
The hand-picked grapes are gently pressed and left to ferment at a controlled temperature. After a few months on its lees, the wine is bottled.
A wine that shows its freshness on the palate, with a pleasantly elegant body and a firm consistency, and that offers floral and fragrant notes on the nose.

Aulo Rosé 2017Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah

The grapes used to make this wine are the same as those used for Aulo Rosso, but after the marc has been in contact with the must for a few hours, a "salasso" is carried out, that is, a part of the liquid is removed without the marc. The must thus obtained is left to ferment at a controlled temperature.
The wine has a beautiful bright pink color with slight purple hues. The aromas are floral with pleasant hints of ripe fruit of the forest, especially raspberries. On the palate its freshness is tempered by a pleasant sensation of delicacy with a sweet edge. In the finish the joviality of the wine expresses its well-balanced acidic vein.

Extra Dry sparkling wine, Vermentino, Viognier, Clairette and Chardonnay

The grapes that make up this wine begin their ripening phase towards the middle of August and are deliberately brought above physiological maturity in order to achieve greater complexity in the product. The varieties are harvested individually from mid-August until the first days of September. They are then destemmed and placed in a soft press where they are crushed. Then static decantation is carried out and fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature. It is then re-fermented with the long Charmat Method for four months on its lees to give greater complexity to the product. It is then bottled and aged for 3 months in the bottle.


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Collemezzano (Li)

As Veronelli called it, Luigi Brunetti, the founder of the company, is a force of Nature.

After leaving Mondatoriccio, Calabria, at a very young age to hone his passion for quality cuisine, Luigi gained experience in some of the best restaurants in Western Europe.

Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain and Germany are the places where he has worked. A nice resume!

And it was in Germany that in 1965 he established himself as a top chef and opened his own restaurant in Neulsenburg.

He becomes a successful entrepreneur but the nostalgia for Italy is great, and after 20 years, in 1985, decides to purchase today's Azienda Agricola Elisabetta (6 Km as the crow flies from Bolgheri), which takes its name from the Wife.

Together with his son Leonardo, in 1990 he built the winery, for then start producing quality wines in 1993.

Its products are the result of a viticulture that respects the environment and the territory, to which they are deeply linked.

The winery covers an area of 25 hectares, bred purely to international vines, but also to Sangiovese.

The land is clayey calcareousperfect for making great wines, especially if correlated with the crazy microclimate of the area.

From our youtube channel, Roberto Tumio, the company's salesman

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