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Winery Garden FXF Fiano 2021


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Manufacturer: Garden Cellar

🍾 FXF Fiano IGP

🖼️ Ariano Arpinio, Campania, Italy

🏡 Garden Cellar

🍇 Fiano

📅 2021

🌡️ 11%

🍷 Orange Wine

🛁 In collaboration with Tenuta Nardone, the Fiano is vinified separately by the two wineries, but with the same timing, 4 days of maceration and 6 months of ageing in steel, and then blended, without filtering, clarification or addition of sulphites

👃🏻 Exotic fruits including mango and pineapple, then lots of flowers such as zinna, marigold and lilium, and again acacia honey, roasted hazelnut and almond with iodised returns

👅 Light and incredibly fresh, savoury and very persistent

👍🏻 Serving temperature 10°-14°

💕 Baked salmon

😍 What beautiful collaborations between winemakers

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Ariano Arpinio, Campania

A splendid, uncompromising company with the aim of not disturbing the natural balance, but rather of indulging it.

The official founding year is 2003, but in fact they have been producing wines, at least experimentally, since 1998. Antonio, Daniela and the other members have as their goal the production of real wine, straightforward and evocative of the territory, without sophistication, as we like it.

There are 25 hectares under vine, all at an altitude of 500 metres and with plants up to 90 years old. Only the indigenous vines of the area are grown here, such as Aglianico, Fiano and Greco.

Macerations are very long, even up to 6 months in containers such as non first-passage wood and amphorae, terracotta and stoneware. Fermentation is spontaneous with indigenous yeasts, and the wine is bottled without filtration or clarification or addition of sulphur dioxide.


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