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Wine Box of 3 red wine

Villa di Capezzana Carmignano DOCG 2011 , Sangiovese 80%, Cabernet 20%

Vinified in steel tanks. 7 days of alcoholic fermentation followed by another 13 of maceration with the skins before racking, at a temperature of 26/28°c.Malolactic fermentation in tonneaux of French wood, elevation, 70% of mass in tonneaux for at least 12 months, 30% in large casks for 16 months- Ages in bottle for at least 12 months.

Trefiano Carmignano DOCG Riserva 2015, Sangiovese 80%, Cabernet 10%, Canaiolo 10%

Vinification in steel tanks. 7 days of alcoholic fermentation followed by other 13 of maceration with the skins before racking, at a temperature of 26°/28°C. Malolactic fermentation in Tonneaux of French oak. Elevation, Tonneaux for 24 months. Ages in bottle for at least 1 year.

Vin Santo di Carmignano DOC Riserva 2013, Trebbiano, San Colombano

Awarded as the best Italian sweet wine. It is produced in small quantities from Trebbiano and San Colombano grapes, chosen from the ripest in the vineyards listed in the Carmignano Register and left to dry on mats until February, according to the traditional method. The must is then placed in barrels for at least five years. The yield is very low: from 1/4 to 1/5 of the original weight of the grapes. After bottling, the Vinsanto can be aged without time limits, gaining even more richness and fragrance. Very complex to the nose, fruity, with notes of dried and candied fruit, apricot and orange peel, then floral puffs of yellow flowers. Consistent on the palate, sweet, soft and opulent, very long and caramel finish.

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Carmignano (Italy)

In Carmignano the vine has been present for more than 3000 years. Wine vases and wine-tasting cups found in Etruscan tombs are clear evidence of such ancient viticulture in this territory. In the state archives of Florence, a parchment was found that documents how vines and olive groves were already being cultivated in Capezzana in the 9th century AD.

From the Renaissance onwards, various families took over the ownership of the estate built in 1475 by Mona Nera Bonaccorsi: Cantucci, Marchesi Bourbon del Monte, Adimari Morelli, Franchetti Rothschild and finally the Contini Bonacossi, the current owners, in 1920.

Later Count Alessandro Contini Bonacossi enlarged the property with the purchase, from Marquis Aman Niccolini, of two neighbouring farms, "Il Poggetto" and "Trefiano".

Thus was born the Capezzana Estate, divided into 3 farms and more than 120 estates, dedicated to the production of high quality wine and oil. Alessandro's passion for collecting led him to preserve bottles, so that today Capezzana can boast a collection of historic vintages starting from 1925.

Over the decades the Estate has seen five generations of winemakers, and in 2009 a virtuous path of organic practice in the vineyard, now certified, began.

Mechanisation is limited to the control of spontaneous grasses, so no chemical herbicides are used. We also continue to use the ancient practice of green manure with the sowing of legumes and grasses in alternate rows. A natural way to enrich the soil with nitrogen. Certain to leave a still fertile land and not a mountain of poisoned and sterile plastic to future generations. So not "Integrated Struggle" (don't be fooled, they predict pesticides, chemistry in the vineyard), but rather "Integrated Respect."

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