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De Bartoli Vigna Verde 2022



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Manufacturer: De Bartoli

🍾 Green Vineyard

🖼️ Contrada Fornara Samperi, Marsala, Sicily

🏡 De Bartoli

🍇 Cricket

📅 2022

🌡️ 13%

🥂  White Wine

🛁 The grapes for this wine are harvested slightly in advance to ensure greater freshness and drinkability, fermented in steel where it matures for 7 months

👃🏻 Floral with notes of fresh and brackish fruit, mineral and with hints of wild herbs

👅 Fresh and full-bodied, elegant and savoury, easy to drink and with a tasty finish

👍🏻 Serving temperature 12°-14°.

💕 Grilled prawns

😍 Excellent value for money

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Contrada Fornara Samperi, Marsala, Sicily

Veronelli and Stefi rightly define Marco De Bartoli as a milestone in Italian viticulture, founder of a company, a heavenly Cerberus, between Samperi, 12 km from Marsala, and Bukkuram on Pantelleria.

Now in the saddle are Sebastiano and Giuseppina, the children of Marco, who died in 2011 too young.

Marco is described as a worthy Sicilian, volcanic and dreamy, impetuous and sunny, proud and southerner, defender of his land and its wine tradition, critical when it comes to those who have cleared Marsala or ruined Sicily. Fearless and unrepeatable.

We at Apewineboxes would have loved to meet him in person, unfortunately this is not possible; however, we can respect him in appreciating his wonders. It makes us feel closer to him.

The company's icon is the Vecchio Samperi, a splendid Marsala that is, however, not fortified and therefore does not fall within the specifications for Marsala Vergine. A unique wine.


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