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Dva Duby


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Wine Box 6 bottles of mixed wine

Maceration in open oak vats for 4-5 weeks, maturation in oak and acacia.

Impera 2018, Sankt Laurent, Frankovka.

Maceration in open oak vats for 4-5 weeks, maturation in oak and acacia.

Malvasia 2018

Long maceration, spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts

Out of the box, long maceration, spontaneous fermentation from indigenous yeasts

Thousand and Three 2017,  Sauvignon Blanc

Spontaneous fermentation from indigenous yeasts

Prima Nocta 2018Malvasia

Spontaneous fermentation from indigenous yeasts

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Dolní Kounice (Czech Republic)

The Dva Duby winery is a small winery in Dolní Kounice, in South Moravia, on the border between the Czech Republic in the south and Austria in the north. This is an area with a vocation for wine, which here, in ancient villages, has been famous for centuries for the production of wine, especially red (among the autochthonous vines of these lands there are St. Lawrence and Blaukfränkisch).

The goal that Jiri Sebela set himself 10 years ago when he began his production, is to transfer into each bottle the richness of a very special terroir, formed in the Proterozoic period (over 2 billion years ago). The wines are produced without the use of systemic treatments, herbicides, and since 2007 not even copper. The natural approach continues in the cellar, where the wines are aged in oak and acacia barrels, without any other additives.

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