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Wine Box 6 bottles of red wine

ZWEIGELT 2018, Zweigelt

Bottles produced: 15000 Fermentation takes place spontaneously with indigenous yeasts in steel vats. The maceration on the skins is about twelve days. After thefermentation the wine matures in barrelsused for ten months.

HUNNY BUNNY 2018, Blaufrankisch

Bottles produced: 300020-year-old vines at 170 metres above sea sand and gravel soil fermentation with stalks for 4 days in wood. Aged for 10 months in barrels used.

BLAUFRANKISCH 2018, Blaufrankisch

Bottles produced: 10000 Fermentation in stainless steel with yeasts and maceration of eighteen indigenous days on the skins. After racking, thewine is aged in second or third casks passage for two years.

PINOT NOIR BAMBULE 2018 x 2, Pinot Noir

Bottles produced: 3000 Spontaneous fermentation in steel with indigenous yeasts and maceration of eight days on the skins. After decanting the wine is matured in second or third third pass for eleven months.

OUT 2018, Blaufrankischt, Zweigelt

Bottles produced: 3000 Harvest in September on land sandy-limestone between 130 and 170 ms.l.m.. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts; the 50% from the mass fermented in steel for 14days. A 40% instead in wood anda 10% does carbonic maceration. Aging for 15 months in barrels used 225 l

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Burgenland, Gols (Austria)

Judith has 20 hectares of vineyards in BurgenlandAustria's most important regioneast, between Vienna and Hungary. Key to this territory are the famous Lake Neusiedlerseerich in very rare migratory birds and theParndorfer Platte, a 200-kilometre-long plain characterised by the strongpresence of the wind. Here the terrain is very varied and within anonly vineyard, limestone areas can be found but also presence ofsand, humus and gravel. This allows for complex wines andmultifaceted that thanks to minimalist intervention, biodynamic since 2007, Judith's wines express the best of the terroir; they are authentic andwith great identity, as are the grapes themselves.cultivated, traditional Burgenland crops such as Zweigelt, Blaufrankischor Weissburgunder.

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