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Wine Box of 6 bottles of red wine, from a single label

1984 2017, Mencia

Bottles produced: 7000Spontaneous fermentationwith indigenous yeasts in trunkopen cone in contact with theskins for about three days.Refinement takes place inFrench oak barriquessecond pass to thefollowing spring. After thebottled the wine restsfor a month in the cellar


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Ponferrada (Spain)

We are in the Bierzo region. This is the last area in the north-west. of Castilla y Leon before Galicia, land of a difficult grapeas Mencia. The climate is harsh, with a large Atlantic influence.very cold winters, with frosts always lurking, and short summersand humid. The ideal mix to express the typicality of the area's grapes,Mencia and Alicante Bouchet.

Diego, after working for cellars In 2012, he decided to recover 13 parcelas, 5 hectares of conventionalvineyards, spread over 3 different municipalities. From the outset the aim is tomaking straight, fresh wines and therefore intervention in the vineyard and cellaris reduced to a minimum. Short, whole-berry macerations, noclarification or filtration

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