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WineBox 3 bottles of red wine selected by the Apewineboxes tasting team

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Apewineboxes is an online wine shop with over 4000 bottles of artisanal wine, natural wine or biodynamic wine.
We take you to the world's best wine regions, without the need to fly, via our wine boxes, also on subscription.

Probably the oldest wine region in France, with vineyards planted by the Romans as early as 125 B.C. around the town now known as Narbonne.

It is the land of abundance thanks to its 300,000 hectares of vines, which produce about a third of France's wine production, the third largest in the world, behind Italy and Spain.

It is located right on the Mediterranean Sea, on the border with Spain.

Like the rest of Europe, its production came to an abrupt halt because of phylloxera, after which it returned to its former glory, although it has always been known as a purveyor of ordinary, simple wines. It is only since the end of the last century that the region has been establishing itself as a land of great wines, especially reds, which account for 70% of its production, followed by whites 15% and rosés, sparkling wines and natural desserts.

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