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Nando Malvazjia Plava Etiketa 2021



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Manufacturer: Nando

🍾 Malvazjia Plava Etiketa

🖼️ Dobrovo v Brdih, Slovenia

🏡 Nando

🍇 Malvasia

📅 2021

🌡️ 13%

🥂  White Wine

🛁 The grapes come from soils rich in ponca, fermentation is spontaneous with maceration on the skins for a few days and ageing in steel for 6 months. Bottled without filtering or clarification with minimal additions of sulphur dioxide in relation to the vintage. Total sulphur dioxide < 20 mg/l

👃🏻 Very floral with hints of fresh fruit and aromatic notes, mineral with clear briny hints

👅 Fresh and almost salty, mineral and with a generous body, persistent

👍🏻 Serving temperature 10°-12°.

💕 Tortellini in chicken broth

😍 Nando's nimble version of Ribolla

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Dobrovo v Brdih, Slovenia

Nando Winery is a Slovenian but forcibly Italian winery; of the 6 hectares, well over half are in the Italian Collio, the rest in Brda.

The Deus ex Machina is Andrej Kristancic, the latest generation of a historic family of winemakers in the area. Andrej also trained in Italy and through his studies has managed to identify himself with a production approach that is faithful to tradition but modern.

The terroir is sensational, the soil rich in ponca, the climate continental with marine influences; the vines are between 10 and 40 years old, grown in terraces at an altitude of 200 metres with local and international grapes.

Nando is not certified organic but production is absolutely natural from the vineyard to the cellar where, as the only exception in style, homeopathic amounts of sulphur dioxide are added pre-bottling.

Nando is present on the market with 2 different lines: Blue, which indicates wines produced in steel with short macerations on the skins, and Black, on the other hand, which involves long macerations and refinement in exhausted wood


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