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Granada (Spain)

Pasamayo was born from the search for harmony and peace of Alejandra and Ignacio, the two owners.

After many years living in Lima working for large companies, the two decided to leave the metropolis behind and return to Ignacio's homeland, Andalucia, and to dedicate themselves to making the best wines of which they were capable.

For Alejandra and Ignacio, Pasamayo is not just a winery, but a life project, in tune with nature and its rhythms, that they want to pass on to their children.

The company was founded two years ago near the Sierra Nevada and can count on 5 hectares, rigorously cultivated in a natural way that respects the environment.

Here they breed Sirah and Cabernet as well as a multitude of local indigenous grape varieties such as Doradilla, Moscatel, Macabeo, Morisca and Tempranillo that are declined both in still wines which in PetNatsthe trademark.

The area where Pasamayo is located is incredibly rich in mineral sediments and in particular quartz. This really impressed us the first time we at visited.

The Contreras are truly spectacular people as well as being talented winemakers.

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