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Spinning Top

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Wine Box with 6 bottles of white wine

Spinning Top Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Not certified organic, the use of sulphur is reduced to a minimum, spontaneous fermentation using natural yeasts. On the nose it expresses all its varietal typicality, while on the palate it is fresh, ultra-drinking and fairly long.

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Marlborough (NEW ZEALAND)
The Spinning Top company is run in a very nature-friendly way. After years of
growing grapes for others, the decision was finally made to open their own company. The climate and the grapes are
they are responsible for these wines. A very low use of sulphites allows the fruit and the characteristics of the different soils on which they grow to be emphasised. There are in fact three areas from which the grapes come. Antnest,
with windswept clay soils that produce aromas of tropical fruits, citrus fruits and good body and
structure. Upton Downs, clayey in the upper part and without rocks and very draining in the lower part that
gives intense aromas of tomato leaf and passion fruit. Patriarch, similar to the previous
composition of the soil, but with a climate with large temperature ranges and very low minimum temperatures that give
freshness and fragrance.

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