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Testalonga El Bandito Cortez 2020 Magnum


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Manufacturer: Testalonga

🍾 El Bandito Cortez Magnum

🖼️ Swartland, South Africa

🏡 Testalonga

🍇 Chenin Blanc

📅 2020

🌡️ 12.5%

🛁  From a bush-trained vineyard planted in 1972 at an altitude of 220 metres on decomposed granite. Yield 25 hl/ha. The grapes, after being crushed with stalks, are fermented and then aged in a 3000L barrel.

👃🏻 Honey, white flowers, exotic fruits and bakery notes.

👅 Generous, rich and carefree sip. Closes with a pleasant orange-peel sensation.

👍🏻 Serving temperature 10°-12°.

💕 Seafood

😍 Amazing version of Chenin!!!

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SWARTLAND (South Africa)

Craig Hawkins is a young South African producer with experience working in wineries in Austria and Portugal who founded the Testalonga winery.

The company is considered one of the reference companies in the world of the alternative wines.

Purity, expressiveness and drinkability represent his idea of wine.

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