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Wine Box from 3 bottles of vertical Pet Nat

Caesar's Red 2019, Merlot, Alicante

From the longest vines in the vineyard, they are harvested by hand in small crates and fermented spontaneously in a wooden vat in contact with the skins for 6 days, with daily manual breaking of the cap. It matures in old oak barrels and is bottled without any addition of sulfur.

L Red 2020, Gamay, Sangiovese

Harvested by hand, in small crates, four days of maceration on the skins, spontaneous fermentation and daily manual breaking of the cap. Two decantings of clarification respecting the phases of the moon, it is refined in steel barrels and bottled without the addition of sulphur dioxide.

Pistarello 2020, Trebbiano, Verdello, Grechetto

Orange, from white Trebbiano grapes and a small part of Verdello and Grechetto harvested by hand. Maceration for 15 days without any temperature control. Aged in fibreglass barrels, two racking operations are carried out for clarification following the phases of the moon. In late spring it is bottled by hand without adding sulfites and without filtration.

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Montepetriolo, Perugia (Italy)

Natural wine producers for 4 generations, driven by a love of wine and nature and a respect for tradition, Tiberi is undoubtedly an iconic company.

These are the secrets to obtaining a good wine, following its pace and letting our work be marked by the moon and the seasons.

The three hectares of vineyard are located in a small hilly hamlet in the Perugino area, about 350m above sea level.

The southwest orientation of the land allows the vineyards to enjoy ample sun exposure and good ventilation.

The composition of the soil, rich in skeleton, guarantees good drainage.

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