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It's the 2009 when Alessio Petitothe Founder of ApewineboxesAt the time a young expert in International Law, wandering between London and San Sebastian (have you ever been there? A pearl), he decided to approach wine consciously.

He did this by enrolling in the Ais course, and he never imagined that this would be the decisive step towards his future, in spite of the almost hundreds of law manuals he studied.

Thus was born in 2012in between visits to the winery, ApeWine Distribution.

From the very beginning of our Group we realised that the wine sector was dominated by the big fish, by those who produce wine industrially. like it's a car door or a packet of crisps..

We couldn't understand it, it was, and still is, clear to us that theproduction excellence that an artisanal winemaker can guarantee cannot even be compared to that of someone who produces millions of bottles per year.

Craftsmanship has always been characterized by the scarcity of the product and its quality.while massive production represents the exact opposite, great availability of product but low quality. And wine is no exception.

For more than ten years now, our essence has been to select small, magnificent realities around the world that practice a sustainable viticulture and who care about the environment and the chalice.

That they can amaze and make people fall in love.

We have a high idea of wine and that makes us pretty selective, we demand a lot from our producers. We select them very carefully, we normally employ 4/6 months to add a winery to our portfolio, we visit them often, observe how they work and taste their wines several times.

The next step you know, is to bring them in your glasses. is the normal online evolution of this way of understanding artisanal wine and all its components, and is dedicated to Wine Lovers from all over the Universe.

Use the hashtag #APEWINEBOXES

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