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Lime, Cote Catalanes, France Tom Lubbe, from South Africa to a small village of 300 people in Roussillon, with no return.
Tom is a New Zealander who grew up in South Africa, where he started making his first wines around the 1990s.
The son of a collector of quality wine, at only 12 years of age he already had a considerable number of tastings behind him.
A proponent of the idea of a light, drinkable, fresh wine that is an expression of its terroir, without forcing or unbelievable structures, Tom's wines are absolutely "different", in the strictest sense of the term.
He left South Africa because his way of producing without additives, stabilizers and chemistry in the vineyard contravened, unbelievably, what were the laws of wine production in South Africa at the time.
In 2002, Tom moved permanently to France, between Caudies des Fenouillèdes and Calce, where he met his wife, and immediately became a cult producer. Tom founded Matassa with Sam Harrop, also from New Zealand and an oenological consultant. The estate consists of 15 hectares, with vines ranging in age from 30 to even 115 years. Tom's wines are taut, nervous and mineral like the granite on which the old bush-trained vines are planted, at the same time graceful and ethereal, like the wind that unfailingly combs those wild hillsides.

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