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The proposal to water down the wine is watering all over the place!!!

by Alessio Petito

Healthy Water Glass Drink - Anrita1705 / Pixabay

The European Union's latest brilliant proposal? The one that considers the possibility of forcing producers to water down their wine! Truly incredible, if you want to kill a sector that has come out of the last year of Covid with broken bones, the wine sector, the proposal to water it down is the right one.

From Brussels comes the ingenious lucubration aimed at safeguarding the health of consumers, watered-down wine.
Of course, because after the idea of putting something on the labels that is very similar to the pleasant images found on cigarette packages, as if wine and smoke were the same thing, now we get yet another genius that we certainly did not feel the urge to do.
Basically, it has been proposed to dilute wine, to make it a less harmful drink for health.
Rather than imposing bans on the use of pesticides in the vineyard, or sulphites in wine, which are really harmful to health, we are going to affect the alcohol level, as if this were the biggest problem.
We at Apewineboxes have been fighting for ten years to bring consumers healthy, genuine and real wines.

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