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How it works is the result of decades of selection work and is at the service of your palate.

Apewineboxes is the largest Italian wine shop specialising in artisanal wine

You can choose from our more than 4,000 natural, biodynamic and organic wine labels, and if you need to, you will always find an expert at your disposal

It takes us between 4 and 6 months to select a company, even the most reputable, for us. substance counts much more than form

We've always thought that tasting a single wine is not enough to get a complete idea of a winery, it's important to know everything about it, and now we share our ideas with you

We like to remember that we are able to take you to the best wine regions in the world without taking a plane, and this is the pure truth, the Routes we offer are designed to make you dreamand there are hundreds of them!

All our wines are high expressions of the terroir from which they come, produced with love and skill, with respect for the environment, do not involve treatment or manipulation of any kind

The section dedicated to Wine Boxes on subscription, you only have to choose the type of wine you want to taste and the frequency with which you want to receive it, we'll take care of the rest!!

Cancel anytime!!!

In any case, remember that our customer service is always at your disposal for Personalized Wine Boxes.

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We'll give you back 3% of everything you spend, you can reinvest it on the site whenever you want.


Our Wine Boxes are discounted up to 30%.

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