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Czech Republic


Czech Republic: Reflections

A land of great tradition although much neglected in recent decades, but which in recent years is again starting to produce interesting and substantial wines.
The two main production areas are the Bohemia with its approximately 800 hectares under vine, and the larger and more historic Moravia with no less than 18,000 hectares and produces the vast majority of the country's wine.
Lin Bohemia is the Prague region runs along the river Elbe and reaches the eastern border of Saxony, Germany. The wines that come from here are mostly light and also Kosher, as in the area of Most. In Velke Zernoseky, the queen grape is Ryzlink Rynsky, the Riesling, while the area of Roudnice is definitely more suited to reds, which are obtained from Pinot Noir and the indigenous Melnik and Svatovavrinecke grapes.
The area under vine in Moravia is much larger, and is located southeast of Brno all the way to the border of the Austrian Weinviertel, many areas all with their own peculiarities.
The most important sub-region is that of Znojmo, with the areas of Novy Saldorf , Nove Branice and Satov where excellent whites are produced from Sauvignon Blanc and Gruner Veltliner, known here as Veltinske Zelene, and also from Welschriesling. In the easternmost area, Riesling, Muller Thurgau and Muskat Moravsky grapes are grown. The reds are not as interesting, but at Velkè Pavlovice and Kobyli great reds can also come out of Zweigelt.
The hectares under vine are therefore around 20000 for an annual yield of 170,000 hectolitres with an export value of just under 40 million euros

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