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Gaillac, Occitania Cazottes started out as a distillery, world-famous for the quality and purity of its products. Only pears, plums and cherries from organically or biodynamically managed orchards, or indigenous and unobtainable grape varieties from Gascony, such as Mauzac Rosé, are used for distillation. The maniacal attention to quality and detail (do you know what it means to manually remove the stalks one by one? And remove the seeds from inside the fruit? And picking the petals of the elderflower one by one?) has guaranteed Cazottes incredible success and a presence in the biggest bi and tristate wines in France and England. All this attention is obviously also paid to the production of the wine, biodynamic in the vineyard and natural in the cellar, produced with indigenous yeasts and spontaneous fermentation, always with an eye on the quantities of sulphur dioxide present, which must always be in homeopathic quantities

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