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Bajola Baro (Garlic and Oil Edition) N.M.



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Manufacturer: Bajola

🍾 Baro (Garlic and Oil Edition)

🖼️ Forio d'Ischia, Campania

🏡 Bajola

🍇 Aglianico 100%

📅 N.M.

🌡️ 12.5%

🍷 Red Wine

🛁 The grapes come from a Bio plot farmed by the Iacono cousins on another island. The grapes are destemmed and crushed in the tiano (an earthenware container in the shape and size of a marrique) which is then put upright. Throughout fermentation and maceration until February, only punching down is carried out, directly in the closed tiano and never decanted, with no additions. At the end of February, racking and bottling without clarification or filtration.

👃🏻 Floral and fruity, mineral and iodine

👅 Warm and savoury, mineral and medium-bodied, the tannin is intense, the finish long

👍🏻 Serving temperature 14°.

💕 Grilled sausages

😍 Produced using a method that is unique in the world and therefore equally unique

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Forio d'Ischia

Francesco Iacono founded Bajola in 2001, first practising organic viticulture, then turning decisively towards biodynamics. The company represents a break with Ischian tradition in that no native vines are used.

Bajola is a splendid reality of 3000 bottles per year that enhance a unique territory. Terraces and dry-stone walls for an integrated viticulture that becomes a real landscape.

At Bajola we use the ancient palmento where the destemmed grapes are placed in underground cement tanks at an uncontrolled temperature to macerate. This lasts a couple of weeks, after which the wine is racked off when the cap falls off. No sulphites are used during the vinification process.

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