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Cirelli Wines of Anarchy N.M.



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Manufacturer: Cirelli

🍾 Wines of Anarchy

🖼️ Atri, Teramo, Abruzzo

🏡 Cirelli

🍇 Trebbiano

📅 N.M.

🌡️ 12%

🥂 Pet Nat

🛁 The grapes are harvested before full phenolic ripeness and are pressed whole cluster. The first fermentation takes place in steel, and a small part of the must is set aside frozen. It is then added to the mass that had undergone the first fermentation in order to obtain a second re-fermentation, this time in an autoclave. After 3 months it is bottled.

👃🏻 White flowers and fragrant notes, fresh fruit and lots of minerality

👅 The sip is fresh and light, taut and agile

👍🏻 Serving temperature 8°-10°.

💕 Cheeses

😍 Glou Glou Wine

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Apewineboxes is an online wine shop with over 4000 bottles of artisanal wine, natural wine or biodynamic wine.
We take you to the world's best wine regions, without the need to fly, via our wine boxes, also on subscription.

Atri, Teramo

The Cirelli farm is run by two guys as young as they are visionary and covers 22 hectares in the heart of Abruzzo.

Not only vineyards but also olive groves, orchards and vegetable gardens, all with respect for nature and its cycles.

Here they produce natural wine from indigenous grapes, Montepulciano and Trebbiano, always in the name of eco-sustainability

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