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The Vinco Red Mistione 2022



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Manufacturer: The Vinco

🍾 The White Mistione

🖼️ Marta, Lazio

🏡 The Vinco

🍇 Grechetto red, Aleatico and Merlot

📅 2022

🌡️ 12.5%

🍷 Red Wine

🛁 The grapes are harvested by hand, spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts in cement and maceration for about 5 days, maturation in glass for 6 months and then in the bottle to rest for a further 3 months, without filtering or clarification

👃🏻 Floral hints of rose and violet, berries with earthy and mineral hints

👅 Fresh and savoury, soft and balanced, the tannin is velvety and the finish is rounded

👍🏻 Serving temperature 16°-18°.

💕 Grilled meat

😍 Staggering

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Marta, Viterbo

Il Vinco was born in 2014 from the friendship of three extraordinary young men whose goal was to enhance a territory, that of upper Lazio, just waiting to be known by the world. This is the adventure of Nicola, Marco and Daniele, united by their love for their origins and for natural wine.

The winery, which produces around 10,000 bottles a year from two hectares of land, takes its name from the willow branch used traditionally to polish the vines. Perhaps Canoilo Nero, the flagship vineyard of this very young winery. This grape is a noble cut for many great Tuscan wines, including Chianti and Nobile di Montepulciano, present in all regions of central Italy.

However, in this incredible land close to a great lake like Bolsena, it manages to reach incredible quality peaks even in purity, as the undisputed protagonist of the chalice.

Vinco also produces wines from other lesser-known indigenous grapes such as Rossetto, Procanico, Grechetto Nero and Aleatico.

The production philosophy is nature in the vineyard, where no systemic chemical products are used, and in fact the wines are obtained by spontaneous fermentation from indigenous yeasts, without added sulphur dioxide. They are territorial and gastronomic, unique.



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