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Dominique Derain

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Saint Aubin (France) Dominique Derain is a bigwig from the Hautes Cotes de Beaune. In 1988 he arrived as a cooper, now retired, and is considered a true guru of Burgundy. His consultations are in demand and expensive.
At the end of the 1980s he bought the estate near Saint-Aubin, his idea of viticulture has always been biodynamic. Today he has passed his property to Julien Altaber and Carole Schwab, while continuing to participate in vineyard and winery operations.
Dominique's wines are oxymorons in the bottle, coexisting with elegance and that sense of rusticity so dear to the wines of this area.
They are subtle, slender, ethereal and delicate, often difficult to grasp in all their grandeur by those "taking their first steps" with Pinot Noir.
Great wines, however, can be recognized by one thing: the bottle you just uncorked is already magically finished and you immediately begin to feel nostalgic for it.
Derain is one of the pioneers of quality European-style winemaking in Chile where he opened the eponymous winery, in Casablanca Valley, but this is another story

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