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Franck Cornelissen

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Cornelissen is a Belgian winemaker who, in 2001, embarked on this new experience on the slopes of Etna, then an area far from the many spotlights that it has now rightly received. The winery is located in the northern valley of what is Europe's largest emerged volcano, and is considered on a par with Cote de Nuits or Barolo (and its neighbors), for production quality and results.
Franck currently has about 24 hectares, 13 of which are old vines in the classic "alberello" layout, 9 of old vines transformed into modern rows of varying widths, then olive and fruit trees.
In the vineyard and in the surrounding lands we do not practice interventions of any kind, we do not use industrial fertilizers and as far as possible we avoid ploughing. Copper sulphate and sulphur, in any case allowed by natural practice, within certain quantities, are necessary to prevent the plant from dying, which was the case in 2013 and 2015. The yields are very low, from 300gr to 600gr per plant, the quality very high.

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