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Mount Maletto

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Carema (TO) Northern Piedmont is an area that in recent years has been increasingly successful and arousing curiosity, heroic viticulture, terracing, low yields and high aromatic concentrations. It is thanks to young people like Gian Marco Viano and Monte Maletto that this area is making a comeback. Viano looked for financial backers to recover some abandoned vineyards and then took over the management of a small vineyard, learning, with the help and suggestions of local producers, the techniques suitable for making quality wines. The company has half a hectare of vineyards in Carema, plus another parcel where Erbaluce is grown, in the commune of Parella. There are currently two wines produced by the company: the Erbaluce di Caluso "Vecchie Tonneau", fresh and mineral, and the "Battito del Maletto", future Carema DOC, 95% nebbiolo and 5% ner d'Ala, produced in very limited quantities, balsamic, intense, rich in nuances.

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