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Centovigne Grappa N.M.


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Manufacturer: Centovigne

🍾 Grappa di Centovigne

🖼️ Cossato, Piedmont, Italy

🏡 Centovigne

📅 N.M.

🌡️ 40%

🍷 Distillate

🛁 Obtained from the distillation of the Nebbiolo grape marc, i.e. the grape skin after it has been pressed, by means of a copper bain-marie still, as Piedmontese tradition dictates

👍🏻 Serving temperature 12°-14°.

💕 End of meal

😍 Soft and full-bodied

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Cossato (BI)

The first documents that talk about this company date back to 1682, the year in which there is a document listing how many presses, barrels and vats were located inside the crote of Castellengo.

Production continued unabated until 1940 and then stopped until 1999, the year in which the new owners took over the company.

Their passion for the archaeological recovery of ancient vineyards in the area has led them to the rediscovery and enhancement of numerous micro-vineyards.

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