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Monteforte d'Alpone, VR (Italy) That which is not usual, impertinent, cheeky. Insolente wines are the result of an insolent idea. It is a family project that comes from afar. The company philosophy is linked to a passion for life, community, nature and territory. The resulting wine is just a natural effect. Each Insolente wine comes from a single vineyard whose grapes are vinified with spontaneous fermentation of the entire mass without temperature imposition. There are no additions or filtrations. Total sulphur dioxide among the lowest ever, practically absent. The vineyard of origin is identified on the label by an abbreviation that corresponds to the initials of the first name and surname of a family member who has symbolic custody of it. These initials are followed by a sequential number indicating how many wines have been made from that vineyard so far, the vintage and the type

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