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San Fereolo

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Dogliani (CN) "Durability over time, keeping the bottle open, consistency and elegance, truth." In Nicoletta Bocca's production there is everything that she, and we too, always look for in a wine. San Fereolo is this and much more because reflection and almost three decades of experience make Nicoletta a garrison of creative resistance in Dogliani and in the Langhe region as a whole. "At San Fereolo the work in the vineyard prevails".
Growing vines is a profession that requires a deep moral commitment. There is no room for lies and every mistake brings consequences that you will inevitably have to face, so you have to be full of care, love and honesty.
It is also a job that makes you understand what nature is, how much we depend on her and how much we can guide her, even without being arrogant. The biodynamic management of the vineyards but above all communicative wines, The biodynamic management of the vineyards, but above all communicative, courageous and crystalline wines, make the entire range a set of small pearls that cannot be missed.
Interview with Nicoletta Bocca released to the channel of our friends of Caves de Pyrene

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